Your In Town Source for a Fresh Take on your New Interior
Kode Kaufman

Your In Town Source for a Fresh Take on your New Interior

Our designers are there for new customers to experience the best of home interior design

Recently we have been getting more customers who are leaving the suburbs for a move back into town. 


Young in spirit, these new empty nesters are looking for a fresh takenot only on their livesbut their interiors as well. 


Our designers work with you to customize your home with eleganceand to achieve the fresh, up-to-date look that you want. 


Whether it be Custom Upholstery, Dining, Bedroom or Living Room furniture, Fine Rugs or High-Quality Accessories, you will find an extensive assortment in our Atlanta Showroom. 


Call our showroom today or stop by for a personal consultation, with one of our highly skilled and experienced designers. 


You will find no better value in Atlanta, with our reasonable design fees, designer direct discounted prices, and expert installers and delivery people. 

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